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The Definition And Structure Of Steel Wire Rope

Dinshen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 24, 2015

Wire rope is usually root or multi-strand steel wire braided flexible cord, the wire rope is composed of multiple layers of wire twisted into unit, to the cord to the Center, by a number of twisted into a spiral around the rope. Material handling machinery, for lifting, pulling, tensioning and load use. Wire rope with high strength, light weight, smooth, easy to suddenly break, reliable work.


⑴ wire

To load the wire rope, its performance is mainly determined by the wire. Steel is carbon steel or alloy steel by cold-drawn or cold-rolled into a round (or shaped) wire, with high strength and toughness, and according to different environmental conditions on steel surface treatment.

⑵ core

Core's main role is to increase the wire rope elasticity and toughness, lubricate the wire, reducing friction and increasing wire rope life. Common core includes organic fibers (hemp, cotton), synthetic fibre, asbestos-core (high temperature) or soft metals and other materials.