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Shipment To Nigeria ,Saudi Arabia ,Iran ,Oman,USA,Mauritius

Dinshen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 15, 2018

15th-Oct-2018: Today we made 5 shipments to Nigeria ,Saudi arabia ,Iran ,Oman,USA ,Mauritius who ordered a lot of parts including the OTIS service tool GAA21750AK3 ,OTIS LB_II GBA21230F1 ,OTIS LCB_II GGA21240D-1,DCSS5-E GBA24350BH1 and some selcom parts such as 3201.05.0010 ,3201.05.0032. 3201.05.0058 ,some OTIS AT120 motor FAA24350BL2 ,903370G04 motor ,903510G01S door board ,ect ,best price and serivce will be provided by us ,hope to work more with you in the future .

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