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Powerful & Latest Version OTIS SERVICE TOOL GAA21750AK3

Dinshen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 08, 2016

Our company DINSHEN INDUSTRIAL CO LTD lately updated our OTIS service tool blue type GAA21750AK3:


  1. Latest version ,can adjust all OTIS elevators including the GECB boards /

  2. Standard function,most powerful,black & stainless steel plug for your option

  3. Usetime is unlimited ,can use it for ever until it is too old .

  4. Price is very good and reasonable and we have sold a lot of pcs to overseas market such as India,Korea,USA,UK,Israel,Mauritius,Iraq,Russian,Mexico,Italy,Spain etc


    Welcome all customers from all over the world come to us for this latest & powerful OTIS service tool GAA21750AK3 .