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Identify Aluminum Ladder

Dinshen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 24, 2015

Many aluminum ladder facing the market, change any difference? Although some gloss and texture can be seen from the outside. When is the best way to tell is to touch, Linan provides the following methods:

First, seen from the ladder material:

You can look through the material gloss. surface smooth aluminum structure of general good products ... with a touch of his hand feels different. welds must scale welding products

For standard products.

Second, on the work of the ladder:

Preferred open ladder see about, if ladder a open on Squeak Squeak of sound, absolute not good ladder. good of ladder open collection closed Shi, are is no voice of. again see about rivet of processing state, if loose or clearance had big, over 0.02MM of are is dangerous goods. lock buckle whether loose, is related life security of, if lock buckle loose words, job Shi will automatically mobile and the pour off. with feet by stepped tube, see whether strong, as has loose and the floating now like, for dangerous goods. ladder open Shi, level can put are Such as shaking, even after use.

Third, from ladder of tolerance point of view:

Affordability in order to prevent poor quality ladders in check when we hurt, we need to look at how much is the maximum tolerance, endurance and weight applies, the person tested.

Other: can't add, need to bear the weight and then put in some test. ladders when each ladder is the result of the inspection and control, security went on sale just after the test, all for his family's safety and the safety of persons working at height of people, you can choose to trade top quality aluminium ladders.