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How To Identify Aluminum Ladder Unsafe

Dinshen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 24, 2015

Climbing is a very dangerous matter, how to identify an unsafe, aluminum ladder? Is a very important task. So many proper names and numbers, a few people understand it? Here are a few simple tips provided for members ' reference.

, Aluminum ladders of loading: loading kg values, are important indicators. Higher the number, the stronger the security.

Second, the weight and purity of the aluminum ladder: "aluminium" is precious metals and aluminium on the market price of iron is 3-4 times. Hand lift and heavier material foot, not material. In addition, aluminum ladder material purity needed more attention. Using imported high-mg-SI alloy (A6063), advanced aluminum T-5, never mixed aluminum scrap materials, refined purity of 99.9% and durable.

Three pillars, aluminum ladder (straight hand): it is better to have four sides of a square tubular aluminum tube than three sides ㄇ-aluminium column support degrees better.

Four, the appearance of structures: observation of aluminum ladder straight hand-foot bars of the cross border structures.

Aluminum ladder on market structure, can be broadly divided into the following five categories:

1. lock screw 2. Lala nailed 3. nail rivets 4. welding 5. high-pressure reaming

Structure of the most solid and secure, push-<< high-voltage core >> structure.