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Elevator Keys Using The Custody "of The Three Main Rules Of Discipline And The Eight Points For Attention"

Dinshen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 24, 2015

"Three disciplines"

One is the development and implementation of elevator key storage system;

II is equipped with certified safety managers, by security personnel keep the elevator keys;

Three elevator triangle key or control key can only be used by certified operators, use lift ban triangular key or control key.

"Eight points for attention"

First, use the triangle key to be taken to ensure that the elevator door light is lit in the vicinity, allowing easy observation elevator car position;

Second, the removal of debris, pay attention to not let staff watch around the door;

Third, when you open the door, pay attention to make sure car position. If the car is not level or well below this layer at the top of car door sill, you should not continue to open doors to prevent Miss caused crashes;

Four is the triangular key lock port, attention to confirm unlocking direction;

Five stand is open note and keep body weight, then press lock direction lock;

Six is the door lock opens, notice that doors cannot be opened too. First treaty 100MM the door opened a wide gap, remove the triangular key observation well;

Seven are unlocked upon completion, pay attention to make sure the door is a reliable locking;

Eight is the open escalator or moving walkway should note the Cascade (pedal) there are no personnel and Cascade (pedal) there is no defect. Test should be carried out after the opening run, all the Cascade (pedal) run at least a week or more, and irregularities should be stopped immediately.

According to statistics, about 80% of elevator accidents or malfunctions associated with human unsafe behavior.