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What should we pay attention to what matters when you take the elevator

Dinshen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 24, 2015

Take the elevator is something everyone in today's society, work, welcome friends, family holiday, regardless of the escalator in the Mall or a vertical lift of a skyscraper, moving walkways in the subway, where did you pay attention to safety during the ride? When your actions affect the safe use of lifts? Ride safety warning signs you notice it?

A, safety signs

The elevator there first to see the elevator safety inspection certificate issued by the quality and technology supervision departments, Elevator Safety signs to ensure public safety.

Second, pay attention to overrun overload

Elevator cannot overload when the lift alarm, you should take the initiative to withdraw from, wait for the next trip and then take the elevator overload is very dangerous.

Third, do not drag the elevator door

When the elevator doors closed, do not force rushed into the elevator, stop the elevator closed, should not stay one foot in, one foot out, it will hurt.

Four, don't press the emergency button

Emergency button is set up to cope with contingencies, lift in normal operation, do not to press the panic button, or it will give you unnecessary trouble.

Five, do not open the door running

Elevator, runs if the door is not closed, it shows a broken lift, passengers not to ride, and reported to the maintenance staff.