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Warning signs set role in the safe use of lifts

Dinshen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 24, 2015

There are many things in the history of mankind is the medium for the promotion of social progress, so to speak, no elevator, no Manhattan, no elevator can not imagine those high-rise buildings exist in today's cities, lift upgrading people's quality of life, it has tightly and urban residents living close to the. Elevator has become part of people's lives, inadvertently skewered every detail of life, bustling, riding, riding, lift carries the important task of vertical transportation. Elevator and human interpretation of a never ending drama, life in the elevator, Elevator life. Fluctuating up and down, in the rhythm of the heels hit the ground, may have missed the dribs and drabs.

First, the frequent passenger elevators:

1, computer room. Elevator machine room elevator operation control center, where is essential to safe operation of elevators, the engine room door set a conspicuous warning signs, such as the "engine room area, Authorized Personnel Only" and other slogans. Non-professionals are forbidden to enter.

2, entrance on each floor. At present, the majority of elevator doors have no warning signs to remind passengers is prohibited at the door pushes the door, do not open doors. Has anyone opened the door and there have been "boys drop dead lift" the tragedy. Therefore, the recommendations in the elevator door clear warning signs, remind the passengers push door, or open the door without authorization is strictly prohibited. Is also in the best floor door suitable location obviously remind waiting passengers at the door of the elevator signs. In addition, next to the keyhole in the door should also be put up warning signs to remind people is strictly prohibited to damage the keyhole against the tiring when the elevator door won't open from the outside layer. In general settings, next to the elevator buttons at the bottom elevator fire switch, shall be marked with "fire switch, press without authorization is strictly prohibited" and other warning signs, if not fire, passengers are forbidden to press fire switch.