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Sprocket wear and what remedial measures

Dinshen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 24, 2015

Sprocket partial pendulum is often will appeared have problem, dang chain wear zhihou also continues to using, sprocket on will bear chain have wear State, time long has on will appeared broken tooth or chain fracture have situation, sleeve roll child chain opening, and mill broken off, or joint clip opening direction loaded anti-, hook shaped chain wear serious or loaded anti-, will caused chain and sprocket have using State. to prevention this fault have produced, must makes same drive loop in the have the sprocket in same turned plane within, often check chain have wear situation, timely repair and replaced Also clean and lubricate for a long time need to use personnel, assurance was wearing a minimum range.

Sprocket have wear or partial pendulum may is a a mechanical or parts loose due to. carefully observation lost cover and supporting playing clip tight action between have drive relationship, found course is by chain to drive have. gear repeatedly manual pour moving chain and the sprocket, found sprocket in axis Shang has week to mobile. release sprocket tight set screws, hand disc car regulation cover conveying time, right Hou again twist tightly set screws