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Six considerations for vulnerable people to take the elevator

Dinshen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 24, 2015

Hong Kong and Europe often lifts crime scene in a film, demons and the elevator the elevator killer is a blight on society is inevitable, how to protect yourself and your family safe, it is something that everyone should think about issues in life, some details of the note can help us reduce the occurrence of this kind of thing.

1. the elevator alone, standing next to the button. One is in a position to see people who come in from the outside appearance, second is to meet emergencies, easy escape from the door or control elevator buttons in a timely manner.

2. when the man came in, and keep a distance of at least half a metre or more, facing him, watching his actions.

3. the conscious use of hand bags, books or items such as coats to cover the chest.

4. If abnormal behavior observed across the man, first in the hands are carrying keys, the sharp part of the key sandwiched between two fingers, can be as effective defense weapon in times of crisis, when necessary to protect themselves.

5. when outside, quickly beat all button from top and bottom with the Palm so that the elevator will stop on each floor, so that you can have more opportunities to seek help.

6. If wrestling with gangster tearing, should make every effort to make the gunman's face facing the elevators placed camera, provides good clues for catching the criminals as soon as possible in the future.