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How to cope with sudden elevator failure

Dinshen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 24, 2015

When you take the elevator was trapped before? You met your elevator fault? Elevator Safety is now often mentioned social problems, how to deal with these potential security risks and how to cope with sudden mess, is that you have to master some basic common sense.

1, stay calm and comfort of people stuck together. Tank anti falling safety device for elevators, will firmly hold the elevator on both sides of the Rails, safety device will not fail.

2, alarm or radio, cell phone for help. Mobile phone failure can also be knocking at the door screaming for help.

3, if you can't get the elevator mechanic to please people outside and call the firefighters.

4, if without the presence of trained rescuers outside, don't climb out of the lift on their own.

5, don't try to force open the elevator door, even if they are open, it may not reach outside the door. Lift the outer wall of the grease can also make people slip.

6, the elevator ceiling if there is an emergency exit, do not climb out. Hatch once opened, the safety switch will make the elevator brakes fixed. But if the export Board accident closes, Elevator may suddenly lost his balance and dropped from on top of the elevator.

7, at night or weekend afternoons trapped in elevators in commercial buildings, there may be a few hours or a few days and no one came near the elevator. Need the movement out and listen, waiting for help.