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Fuse mobile lifts

Dinshen Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 24, 2015

Mobile lift fuse structure is generally divided into the melt and melt and so on. Fuse is connected in series in the protected circuit when the circuit when the current exceeds a certain value, melts due to heat and fuse, the circuit is cut off, so as to play a protective role. Melt the heat and melt current squared and continuous power is proportional to the time, when the circuit is shorted, are very high, melt a surge fuse immediately when the circuit when the current value is equal to the rated current of the melt, melt a fuse. So the fuse can be used for short circuit protection. Because of melt in the overload by overload current electrical equipment can accumulate heat, when continuous overload electrical equipment a certain time to melt the accumulated heat can make the fusing, fuses can also be used for overload protection.

Fuse is an overcurrent protection device. Fuse melt and fuse tube and adding filler parts. When using fuses in series on the protected circuit when current exceeds a specified value of the protected circuit, and after a certain time, produced by melt thermal fuse melt, the circuit, so as to play a protective role.

Stationary lifting cargo lift with metal conductors as melt breaking circuits and electrical appliances, in a series on the circuit, when the overload or short circuit current through the melt, melts itself will heat and fuse and power systems, electrical equipment and household appliances up to a certain amount of protection. With inverse-time delay characteristic when the overload current hour, fusing time long overload current is large, and short time. Therefore, in a certain range overload current to current return to normal, fuse a fuse, you can continue to use. Fuse is used primarily by the melt consists of 3 parts, shell and bearing, which melts is the key element for controlling fusing characteristics.